About us

During the COVID-19 pandemic the concept of Taxibooker was brought to life by DenCom. We have more than 30 years of active experience in the ICT landscape, the taxi-industry (from dispatching software to telephone switchboards, taxi equipment, taxi meters, on-board computer taxi and of course apps).

The idea behind our concept was two-fold. Our first concern was to develop a way to lighten the workload for the already heavily burdened taxi companies. The question we asked ourself was ‘what will happen when everybody can go out again and needs to book a taxi?’

The second concern we wanted to adress is the crowded taxi dispatch from a customer point of view and the fact that there are already many seperate apps to book a taxi and there is an increasing worry about Private Hired Vehicle (PHV) companies like Uber who do not have the skill and expertise of local taxi companies.

That’s where we decided to make an universal way to easily book a taxi through the social media messaging app everyone already has: WhatsApp.

This was the starting point of our journey.

2021 - From concept to solution
2022 - Taxibooker launches
2023 - Taxibooker goes international
2024 - Introducing new options worldwide
2021 - From concept to solution
Taxibooker Concept image


The concept for Taxibooker was first thought of by DenCom during the COVID-19 pandemic. We started building the solution based on the FMS platform and the goal we had in mind: empowering local taxi companies through the use of social messaging platforms.

The proof of concept was pitched to TCA Taxi, a taxi company in Amsterdam, for the first time in october of 2021.

2022 - Taxibooker launches
Taxibooker Amsterdam Launch


Early February 2022 we launch the first version of Taxibooker in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. 

We have set a goal to grow to 500 orders a month. This is reached in just two weeks.

The new way to book a taxi with WhatsApp quickly gains traction in Amsterdam thanks to a good collaboration and a smart marketing strategy Taxibooker and the dispatch. The launch in the capital of The Netherlands proves to be an ideal test, since there are traditional taxi platforms and PHV vehicles in the area.

Despite of the popularity of PHV vehicles in the capital, we see a gain in bookings via WhatsApp. 

People want to book a taxi with experience in the city and tend to do so through WhatsApp more.

We continue to expand Taxibooker. Within two months we are able to work with the iCabbi API.

This paves the way for other taxi dispatches to use the plug-in in the future.

2023 - Taxibooker goes international
Taxibooker International Europe


In the beginning of 2023 hard works pays off.

Taxibooker and technology partner Enreach win the Frost & Sullivan Award 2023 Best Practices Award for the use of Conversational AI-Technology.

We expand our horizon even further and develop the plug-in to work with the taxi platform YourDriverApp.

Also we realise the challenges local taxiplatforms are facing with the rise of PHV vehicles are not limited to The Netherlands. We decide to reach across the borders and offer our product internationally.

In august Taxibooker connects the first international taxi dispatch: Taxi- Holl Karlsruhe. The German taxi dispatch is quickly followed by AntwerpTax in Belgium.

2024 - Introducing new options worldwide
Globe Taxibooker


In 2024 we connect even more taxi dispatches in The Netherlands as international attention keeps growing. 

HTMC The Hague joins the Taxibooker family as the next platform.

The skilled team keeps working to increase the options our taxi plug-in offers. 

At the Our Solution page we keep you up to date with all of our options.

In the near future a lot more is coming from Taxibooker. Our journey has just started as we keep working to showcase the strengths of local taxi companies and arm them better against the PHV dispatches.

Keep an eye out for news and announcements at the News page.