Our Solution

Taxibooker is not a taxi platform, but a solution for local taxi companies.

Explore our comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities from various perspectives below.

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Connects with all platforms

Taxibooker seamlessly integrates with your existing taxi dispatching software as a plug-in, offering enhanced functionality without the need for major modifications. Our system's versatility enables connectivity with virtually every platform available, eliminating the necessity for additional apps or new hardware.
Entirely cloud based

Taxibooker is a completely cloud based solution. Our modern ecosystem is hosted in EU datacenters and is completely modular. This means we don't rely on your resources or tax your systems with unnecessary processes. This also means we have an availability of nearly 100 procent.

Worry free solution

The Taxibooker team can help you with all the steps needed to enable your customers to place taxi orders via the Taxibooker solution. For example we create the link to your taxi platform, take care of the process to setup the different channels and accounts needed, for example a WhatsApp Business account.

Full compatibility with FMS, iCabbi, Intenda, YourDriverApp and more

At the moment Taxibooker is fully compatible with FMS, iCabbi, yourdriverapp, Intenda and WinTax. We are working on adding compatibility with SUTI for our nordics partners. Our expert team can help you set up the connection with all of these, but if you use an other platform which uses an API-connection don't hesitate to contact us. In most of these cases we can connect you to the Taxibooker platform as well. 

Years of experience at hand

The Taxibooker team has years of experience. We have experts in different areas such as development, the taxi-industry and telephony-systems. 

Support around the clock

Need support or have a question? Don't worry. The Taxibooker expert team can help you quickly with most questions.

We offer standard online and telephone support during weekdays on business hours. If you want to be able to fall back to support outside of these hours, that is an option too. 


Wide array of options

Taxibooker is not just a plug-in.
It makes sure your operators who are already busy are relieved.
Our solution reduces workload at a time when staff is hard to come by and taxi companies are getting busier and busier. 
We offer a series of functions and make booking a taxi as easy as it gets, while the dispatch is not unnecessarily burdened.
AI technology

With our AI, we enable booking and reserving a taxi via popular messaging services. 

Do more with less people with Taxibooker as your virtual assistant. Our taxi-bot learns with every conversation and makes sure the customers enjoy a natural flow during the entire process.

Call Deflection

Call Deflection is a perfect way to inform your customers about Taxibooker and redirect them to this revolutionary way of booking a taxi. An effective marketing method, we have found. 

Also, it makes sure customers are no longer waiting in line for an operator.

They can easily break out of the queue and continue their converation through Taxibooker.

Whether you can deploy this option depends on the capabilities of your telephony platform.

Our team of experts is happy to determine if your PBX is suitable for this. In most cases this proves to be possible.

A major advantage of Call Deflection is that the customer immediately has the correct number in his or her phone for future orders.

Progressive web app
Based on the phone number, Taxibooker can immediately determine if the caller has WhatsApp.
If the caller does not, Taxibooker sends an SMS containing a unique link to the Taxibooker Progressive WebApp (PWA). Through that link, the caller can still order the taxi.
Order a taxi directly
Taxibooker provides the option to order a taxi via the new ordering experience we offer. This means people can immediately book a taxi through the Taxibooker process by simply messaging TAXI to the number of your dispatch.
The chatbot will then start the conversation and books the ride directly in your platform. 
In the meantime the chatbot will keep the customer informed about the status of the booking with information such as the estimated arrival time, license plate number, type of car and more.
Booking a taxi

Taxibooker also offers the option to book a taxi by reservation. That way, customers can choose when and where they want the taxi to pick them up. 

Once the ride is booked, the chatbot will keep your customers involved of the progress and provide information about the taxi, such as estimated arrival time, license plate and more. 

Of course cancelling an order is also a possibility.

Pricing information

Not infrequently we see the question come along about the fare of a ride. Depending on the capabilities of your taxi platform we can calculate the fare and provice your customers with this information.

It is also possible to provide general information like mileage rates at the start of the booking,

Taxibooker Portal

Taxibooker comes with your own online portal for operators and supervisors.
The Taxibooker Portal gives operators access to exclusive functions.
Select a Taxibooker Portal-function to read more about it.
Live monitoring

The Taxibooker Portal provides the possibility to actively monitor conversations while a taxi is being booked.

Also, old conversations can be read.

That way, operators and supervisors can help customers with every question or issue they might have.

Escalation options

Taxibooker has an intelligent bot, which actively learns new ways to conversate with customers.

Still, some conversations could lead to an unexpected situation or an unexpected question from customers.

In those cases the active booking can be escalated to one of the operators or the supervisor. 

They can then help the customer still book a taxi the right way.

Custom translations

In The Taxibooker Portal supervisors can add custom translations. The options are almost endless for this.

You can add an own language or dialect, so customers can converse in their native tongue.

The standard language provided by Taxibooker is English, followed by the preferred language like Dutch, German, French, Finnish and more.

Special adresses

It is not uncommon customers want to book a ride to an adress which is not recognised by Google or any other map service. 

These are special adresses, for example Central Station Amsterdam.

These adresses can be added through the Taxibooker Portal as an alias, and will be mapped to an existing street adress.

That way customers can book their taxi by searching for special adresses without any problems.

Points of Interest
For specific areas, so-called Points Of Interest can be set up through the Taxibooker Portal. 
An example of such area is Schiphol Airport or an entertainment area.
As soon as Taxibooker has determined that the orderer is in a POI-area, a special handling can be started.
You can then, for example, send the customer to a specific pick-up point along with a map and a pin for the customer.
You can also use this option for special events such as an area closure due to a festival or sporting event or construction work.

Through the Analytics module, you get quick insight into Taxibooker's performance.

For example, you can see how many conversations and escalations there have been in a selectable period of time.

In addition, this way you get insights into how well the AI environment is working.

Booking taxi's via popular messengers

Taxibooker makes booking a taxi easier than ever for your customers. 
We don't offer an app or taxi platform specific software, but use the apps customers already have.
Click on the app below to learn more.

WhatsApp is the most-well known messenger. With a WhatsApp business account we can let customers book a taxi using your landline number. 

That way they can use the number they already know in the app they already have.


Just like WhatsApp, many users have Telegram. Taxibooker can also connect to this messenging service in a similar fashion we connect you phone number to make sure customers can book a taxi via this app. 

Facebook Messenger

Almost every user has Facebook. One of the features Facebook offers is the Facebook Messenger, which Taxibooker can enable to let customers book a taxi through this popular social media and messaging app.

Instagram Messenger

Instagram is also a widely popular social media app. Just as Facebook Messenger, we can enable the messaging app from Instagram to work with our solution to book a taxi.

Based on the phone number, Taxibooker will determine if the caller has WhatsApp installed.
If this is not the case, the conversation can still be triggered, allbeit in another way.
The Taxibooker bot wil then send an SMS containing a unique link to the Taxibooker Progressive WebApp (PWA). Through that link, the caller can still order the taxi without calling the taxi dispatch.
Taxibooker provides the option to order a taxi via messenger apps, but if they haven't got the number you can also let them connect by scanning a QR-code. 
After scanning the QR like the none next to this text, either the Taxibooker landing page will open or, if you wish, the customer goed directly to the conversation to book a taxi via WhatsApp or any other messenger.

The QR-code is not only convenient for new users, but makes it possible to visually market your new way of booking a taxi to your customers.

Taxibooker not only offers the possibility to book a taxi on mobile devices. 

It is also possible to create a web link, which guides customers to a WhatsApp conversation on the PC.

The conversation is held in the WhatsApp account of the customer itself, so it will seamlessly flow from the computer to the mobile phone if needed. dThis is very convenient if a booking has been placed via the pc, but customers want to see or change  their Taxibooker booking while underway.

Web Widget

Next to the integration of social messengers it is possible to activate a web widget. This allows customers who visit the website of your taxi company to directly view and call the phone number or start a booking via WhatsApp with only one click.