Taxibooker and Enreach receive Enabling Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

08.03.2023 12:58:39 By Theo

Taxibooker and Enreach, have been named recipients of a 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award from the global market research firm Frost & Sullivan. The award recognises Enreach’s vision and leadership in delivering conversational Artificial Intelligence capabilities to businesses through its market-leading cloud communications platform. 

In its evaluation, Frost & Sullivan remarked that Enreach is unique among European cloud communications providers in how it intelligently integrates conversational AI into its platforms. The company was commended for its “Converged Contact” strategy, which allows it to integrate best-of-breed technologies like AI into its offerings, letting customers leverage profound business benefits directly through its cloud communications platform. This concept enables Enreach to provide conversational AI functionalities to its customers, who then leverage this technology to substantially improve their own business processes and workflows. Frost & Sullivan specifically cited the customer success story “Taxibooker” for Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA), Amsterdam's largest taxi company which leveraged these integrated AI features to digitise reservations and customer support directly from telephony to WhatsApp creating a more convenient customer experience competing with encroaching rideshare services. 

At the forefront of innovation and growth 

“While many competitors explore front-end conversational AI benefits, the Enreach application of conversational AI into back-office workflows and integration into its core UCaaS and CCaaS offerings is a powerful proposition that delivers unique productivity, quality, and employee satisfaction benefits to organisations,” noted Alexander Michael, Vice President for Frost & Sullivan. “In the context of its integrated UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, the Enreach conversational AI platform is better at dealing with complexity and scale and, ultimately, more likely to provide a satisfactory outcome for end users than competing platforms.” 

Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Awards recognise companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, and have taken leadership positions in creating new products, solutions, and services that meet ever-evolving customer needs. Award criteria includes commitment to innovation and strategy, commercialisation success, application diversity, customer performance value, onboarding support, customer experiences, and brand equity. 
Taxibooker for Business

Empowering businesses to enhance productivity and customer experiences 

“We are extremely honoured to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan, which validates our philosophy that Enreach's overarching mission is to deliver compelling solutions that yield positive, impactful results for both customers and partners,” said Stijn Nijhuis, Enreach’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our mission is to go several steps beyond simply providing technology by leveraging our converged contact solutions to deliver best-of-breed services that empower businesses to improve operations, lower costs, and deliver better customer experiences. I also want to thank our many team members for their efforts and achievements. This award is a direct reflection of their efforts, and I am grateful for their commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers.” 

“I am particularly proud that we have received this award as it recognises our continuous commitment to innovation, which we recently demonstrated once more by adding the powerful GPT-3 technology, the backbone of ChatGPT, to our platform. With our current explorations of large language models (LLM), we are confident to enable even more free-flowing dialogs for our AI solutions,” said Anne Bakker, Head of Enreach AI. “Latest improvements for taxi use cases like the one of TCA include the integration of another leading taxi dispatch system, more convenient ways to book payments on account and extended conversation features enabling a very high flexibility in bookings including special requests like ordering multiple cars, large luggage or animal transport capacity.” 

View the full Enreach press release here.