Transforming Taxi Booking in Belgium: Antwerp Tax joins Taxibooker's WhatsApp Revolution

24.11.2023 12:47:25 By Theo

For the first time customers in Belgium can order a taxi via WhatsApp. Antwerp Tax has joined Taxibookers initiative to enable bookings via the familiar messaging app. 

Antwerp Tax's adoption of the Taxibooker service was inspired by the success of Taxibooker with the Amsterdam-based taxi company TCA. The method, developed by Dutch company DenCom and already operational in the Netherlands for several months, has attracted significant attention internationally, making waves at a recent global taxi conference in London (ERTA).

The service is completely new to Belgium and redefines how customers interact with taxi services. Using the power of WhatsApp, Antwerp Tax aims to revolutionize the booking experience, eliminating the need to wait on hold during phone calls and ensuring a hassle-free process for customers.

Koen Van Oorschot, representing Antwerp Tax, applauds the new service for its positive impact on the company's operations. "We're dedicated to making taxi booking as effortless as possible for our customers. With this collaboration with Taxibooker, customers can now bypass waiting queues and eliminate the need for phone operators."

To book a taxi, customers can message the taxi number via WhatsApp. This is all it takes to seamlessly process the request in the central hub. Customers input their pickup location, ensuring accuracy and a smooth experience. Van Oorschot emphasizes the focus on speed and quality, stating, "While other methods remain available, prioritizing efficiency is crucial. The feedback from customers already using WhatsApp has been overwhelmingly positive."

This innovative leap signifies a commitment to leveraging technology for customer convenience within the Belgian taxi industry. The integration of WhatsApp as a booking platform via Taxibooker underscores a dedication to simplicity, accessibility, and superior customer service.